Monday November 11, 2019


We are investigating timestamp issues for customers in Brazil

Thank you for your patience as we worked on the time zone issues. We have an update on the situation.

You should now see the correct time displayed in the Slackbot response when creating a new reminder. The reminder should also trigger at the expected time.

Please make sure to update any existing reminders that you adjusted to compensate for this hour disparity. You can use the "/remind list" command to check if you have any existing reminders that need updating.

The fix for the incorrect time stamps is ready, and will be available as part of an upcoming Slack app update. We appreciate you bearing with us.

Apologies again for the disruption. Please reach out to us at if you experience any further discrepancies.

10:26 PM PST

We are aware of an issue with Brazilian time zone settings that are affecting notifications, reminders, time stamps and other elements in Slack. Our engineers are coordinating to solve the issue. Thank you for your patience as we investigate!

3:45 PM PST

Services affected