Thursday March 12, 2020


Trouble loading Slack for some customers

We're happy to report that the issues with loading Slack should be fixed. For those affected, please restart Slack or refresh with Command+Shift+R (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+R (Win/Linux) to see the changes. We apologise for the disruption and for keeping you away from your work.

12:24 AM PST

We're still working hard to address this issue and we believe we're getting closer to the cause. We'll be back with new information as it becomes available.

11:46 PM PST

We don't have new updates to share about this particular issue, but we're actively looking into the cause and we truly appreciate your patience with us.

11:15 PM PST

We are still investigating the connectivity issue, but we don't have any new information to share just yet. We will provide another update in 30 minutes.

10:46 PM PST

We are working hard to identify the cause of the issue. We will be back with more information in 30 minutes.

10:17 PM PST

Some customers may be having trouble loading Slack or parts of the Slack interface. We're very sorry for the disruption and we have all hands on deck as we investigate. Thank you for bearing with us.

9:46 PM PST

Services affected