Saturday July 11, 2020


We’re investigating an issue with messaging

Issue Summary:
On July 11, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. PDT until 6:13 p.m. PDT, some customers were unable to load messages in channels in Slack. As our team investigated, they identified that the issue was being caused by lagging data. The data was partially restored which reduced the impact on messages not loading. Shortly after, a fix was deployed to return the remaining data to full functionality which resulted in messages loading in a timely manner. We called the all clear on July 11, 2020 8:03 p.m. PDT.

4:47 PM PST

Customers experiencing issues loading messages should no longer be having trouble. We’ve rolled out a fix and have confirmed Slack is back to normal. Sorry for the hassle while we sorted this out.

7:28 PM PST

Loading messages is almost back to normal for affected customers, and we're monitoring the situation closely. We'll be back with an update as soon as we can confirm the issue is fully resolved.

6:27 PM PST

Thanks again for your patience! We are still investigating. We will update further when when we have more to share.

4:39 PM PST

We are still investigating messaging issues. We hope to have everything back to normal soon. Thank you for your patience!

3:58 PM PST

We're experiencing issues which might have some customers see some difficulty loading messages. We are investigating and will keep you updated as we know more.

3:28 PM PST

Services affected