Monday October 19, 2020


Trouble with search

Issue summary:
On October 19, 2020 from 7:00 a.m. PDT to 10:40 a.m. PDT, some users experienced errors when trying to search in Slack. This manifested as "Something went wrong" error messages when searching or when using the channel browser, the file browser, or the people browser.

We discovered a traffic pattern that resulted in some parts of our search infrastructure becoming overloaded. We were able to redirect traffic away from the impacted infrastructure to restore service.

10:14 PM PST

We’ve now restored full functionality to search and things are back to normal. Apologies for the earlier issues and thank you for your patience.

10:48 AM PST

We're still investigating the cause of the issue but we have seen significant improvements in search functionality. We're working towards a full resolution and we'll be back with another update soon.

10:29 AM PST

Some people are receiving a "Something went wrong" error message when trying to search in Slack. We are investigating and will share more information as soon as it is available. Thank you for your patience.

9:59 AM PST

Services affected