Tuesday January 26, 2021


Trouble with 'user_change' events from the Events API

Issue summary:
Starting on January 21, 2021 around 11:19 a.m PST, we began rolling out a configuration change for the Events API.

On January 26, 2021 around 6:02 p.m. PST, we completed the rollout. We then learned a small number of customers stopped receiving `user_change` events.

We rolled back the change around 9:52 p.m. PST, which allowed affected customers to receive new 'user_change' events.

1:28 PM PST

We've rolled out a fix and customers should no longer be noticing issues with Slack.

Thank you for your patience while we sorted this out. We'll be following up with an issue summary within the next 24 hours.

11:14 PM PST

Some customers may be experiencing silent failures for 'user_change' events. We're very sorry for the trouble. We are investigating the issue, and we'll be back with an update as soon as we have more information.

9:49 PM PST

Services affected