Wednesday February 3, 2021


Trouble with search for customers using Enterprise Key Management

Issue Summary:
On February 3, 2021 from 4:47 p.m. to 6:52 p.m. PST, some Grid customers using Enterprise Key Management (EKM) experienced failures when trying to conduct a search within Slack.

Through our investigation, it was determined that a broken piece of EKM code caused shards to unmount. This resulted in search failures for teams belonging to these shards. The broken code was fixed and affected shards were restored, search behaviour returned to normal.

7:44 AM PST

We have resolved the issue and search should now be working normally for everyone. Thank you for bearing with us, we appreciate your patience.

7:04 PM PST

Grid customers using Enterprise Key Management (EKM) may be experiencing search failures in Slack. We're very sorry for the trouble and we're working to resolve this as fast as we can.

6:05 PM PST

Services affected