Tuesday May 11, 2021


Some users unable to connect or encountering degraded performance

Issue summary:
On May 11, 2021 around 10:56 a.m. to 11:41 a.m. PDT, some users were unable to connect entirely or experienced degraded performance, such as channel history failing to load. Some apps making API requests may have also encountered failures, such as messages failing to send in Slack.

A hardware issue caused a problem for some of our infrastructure. The automated process that should've resolved this encountered a bug, which prevented a quick resolution. We manually replaced the failed hardware to resolve the trouble.

Note: We've updated the title to reflect the trouble affected users may have encountered. On the side of this page, we've also added additional services that may have been impacted.

6:49 PM PST

We're happy to report that this issue should now be resolved. We apologize for keeping you away from your work and causing this disruption. We'll report back with an Issue Summary shortly.

12:31 PM PST

We're starting to see some steady improvements and most users should be able to connect to Slack again. We'll confirm as soon as things are working as they should.

12:18 PM PST

We're aware of an issue where some users may be encountering connection errors or degraded performance. Some users will be unable to connect, and some apps making API requests may encounter failures.

We're working to resolve this and will reach back out when we have more information to share.

Note: We've updated this message to clarify what affected users may have encountered and that apps making API requests may have encountered failures.

11:40 AM PST

Services affected







Workspace/Org Administration






Trouble managing apps on the App Directory

Issue summary:
On May 11, 2021 around 6:52 a.m. to 11:03 p.m. PDT, some users were unable to manage installed apps on the Slack App Directory.

Upon investigation, we found that an upgrade of an underlying library caused a component used on the App Directory page to receive input it wasn't expecting, resulting in the app management page failing to load.

We deployed a fix which resolved the issue for all affected customers.

7:42 AM PST

This issue has been resolved. Customers should no longer have any trouble managing apps on the App Directory.

11:28 PM PST

Some users may be unable to install, uninstall or manage apps on the App Directory. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

We're working on it and will be back with an update soon.

9:20 PM PST

Services affected