Monday May 10, 2021


A small number of users encountering "Something went wrong" when viewing member profiles

Issue summary:
On May 7, 2021 around 1:20 p.m. to 10:28 p.m. PDT on May 9, 2021, a small number of users encountered a "Something went wrong" error when viewing certain member profiles on desktop.

On May 9, 2021, we started investigating elevated errors. We discovered this issue was caused by a change we made to member profiles. The error could've appeared when viewing profiles with a "person picker" custom field in it.

We reverted the change to resolve the issue.

Note: We've updated this summary to correctly reflect when the issue started as well as what the cause was. We've also added some clarity to the title and summary, such as the specific error that appeared.

7:44 AM PST

Services affected

Workspace/Org Administration