Friday July 2, 2021


Trouble approving new workspaces

Issue summary:
On July 2, 2021 around 8:47 a.m. to 2:36 p.m. PDT, requests for new workspaces on Enterprise Grid couldn't be approved by an Org Owner or Admin.

We discovered a recent change prevented requests from being approved during this time, and we've since reverted the change.

6:44 PM PST

We've deployed a fix for workspace approvals. If you're still encountering trouble, please send a note to

Apologies for the disruption while we sorted this out.

3:12 PM PST

No additional news to share just yet, but we're focused on getting things back to normal as quickly we can. We'll return with another update in 30 minutes.

2:27 PM PST

Some Grid Owners and Admins may be having trouble approving new workspaces. We apologize for the disruption, and we're working to resolve this.

1:57 PM PST

Services affected

Workspace/Org Administration