Friday August 27, 2021


Trouble receiving emails from Slack

Issue summary:
On August 27, 2021 from around 1:14 p.m. to 3:04 p.m. PDT, customers didn't receive emails from Slack.

We made a change that unintentionally disabled emails from being sent out, and we reverted this change to resolve the issue.

As mentioned in the previous update, emails that should've been sent during this time will not be resent. However, newly requested emails should arrive to your inbox.

Note: We've added Notifications to the services affected, as notification emails wouldn't have been sent during this period. We've also clarified that customers weren't receiving emails from Slack, and emails that should've been sent during this time won't be resent.

5:16 PM PST

We've investigated further, and we're afraid emails that should've been sent during this period won't be resent. We apologize for the disruption.

Newly requested emails should be in your inbox.

Thanks for bearing with us. We'll return with a summary.

4:22 PM PST

We're seeing improvements, and newly requested emails should be received in your inbox.

We'll be back with an update once we know more.

3:20 PM PST

We're still digging into this, and we'll return in 30 minutes with another update.

If you're trying to sign in via email, you can login here:, if you know your email, password, and workspace URL ( You can also sign in with the SSO, Google, or Apple options, if applicable.

2:59 PM PST

Some users are unable to receive emails from Slack. We're working to fix this, and we'll be back with an update within 30 minutes.

2:30 PM PST

Services affected



Workspace/Org Administration