Monday October 4, 2021


Slack may not be loading for a small percentage of users due to widespread internet issues

Issue summary:
On October 4, 2021 from around 8:46 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PDT, some users may have experienced difficulties connecting to Slack.

Due to a third party website's outage, DNS (Domain Name System) resolvers around the internet saw a large increase in traffic as clients tried to get valid DNS results, causing timeouts on some DNS resolvers. Users relying on the impacted DNS resolvers may have experienced errors when connecting Slack and some other web services.

Once the outage was resolved, traffic decreased and affected users were able to connect to Slack.

12:54 PM PST

Thank you for your patience. We've confirmed connectivity has returned to expected levels, and there should no longer be an issue loading Slack.

2:08 PM PST

We've determined that widespread internet issues affecting multiple websites have led to small percentage of users not being able to load Slack. We’re monitoring the situation and will provide an update when we know more.

10:43 AM PST

We're investigating reports that Slack may not be loading for some users. We will provide another update in 30 minutes.

10:07 AM PST

Services affected