Monday February 14, 2022


Profile information isn't loading for some users

Issue summary:
On February 14, 2022 from 1:04 PM PST to 3:49 PM PST, some customers may have encountered missing profile information in Slack. In particular, profile pictures and display names may have failed to load.

During routine de-provisioning, a single server was removed from service but not completely removed from the list of available servers in the fleet. This meant that it incorrectly appeared to be in service, though all connections to this server resulted in errors.

We manually removed the server from the fleet roster, resolving the issue for all customers.

9:41 PM PST

We've isolated the issue that was causing profiles to not load for some users and have repaired the affected server.

The fix should come into effect immediately, but some users may need to reload their Slack app. If profile information still isn't loading for you, please reach out to our Support team at

4:13 PM PST

We are currently investigating an issue where profile information may be failing to load for some users, resulting in blank profile pictures and missing details, such as display names.

Given the nature of the connectivity issue, search and emoji may also be impacted. Please stay tuned for status updates as we work to resolve this.

3:18 PM PST

Services affected