Monday February 21, 2022


Some users experiencing issues with typing and sending messages in Slack

Issue summary:
From 12:59 PM PST until 2:34 PM PST on February 21, 2022, some users were unable to send messages in Slack due to a code change malfunctioning.

Although reverting the change resolved the problem for the impacted users, a corollary issue with similar symptoms surfaced two hours later at 4:34 PM PST and was tracked on our status site under the title, "Some customers may be unable to connect or send messages". We determined this to be a byproduct of the same root cause and remediated the issue shortly thereafter.

5:46 PM PST

We have confirmed that the fix resolves the issue that customers encountered when trying to type and send messages. Customers would not be affected going forward.

3:01 PM PST

We are investigating an issue where some customers are unable to type and send messages in Slack and have since implemented a quick fix.

Customers who are experiencing related errors should try to reload by hitting Cmd + Shift + R on Mac, or Ctl + Shift + R on Windows and Linux.

2:45 PM PST

Services affected