Wednesday May 4, 2022


Users experiencing connectivity issues

Issue summary:
On May 4, 2022 from around 9:02 AM to 9:55 AM PDT, some users experienced connectivity issues impacting these features: message send, avatars, and channel loading. These users may have been able to use Slack, but with delayed functionality.

A 3rd party internet protocol provider initiated changes to their configuration with Slack's database infrastructure. Immediately after initiating the update, we began seeing connection failures.

The provider reverted the changes which led to full recovery for affected users. The provider is investigating and will engage with us to prevent recurrences. We monitored the situation until we were confident the issue was fully resolved. Users should no longer experience connectivity issues.

12:47 PM PST

The issue is resolved. All customers should be able to connect and send messages as normal.

We apologize for the disruption to your work and will be back with an issue summary soon.

11:06 AM PST

We are seeing some signs of recovery but are continuing to monitor. We will provide another update in 30 minutes.

10:26 AM PST

Users have reported experiencing connectivity problems including delayed messages and channels not loading. We are working on identifying the issue and will be back soon with an update.

9:51 AM PST

Services affected