Tuesday May 17, 2022


Some users may be experiencing trouble with search, updating user status, and other features

From 1:46 PM PDT on May 16, 2022 until 12:55 PM PDT on May 17, 2022, some customers may have experienced problems with autocompletion in searches and the 'Jump to' modal, as well as issues with channel and profile information.

We determined that a recent code change increased the load on the infrastructure that serves this information. We reverted the change and implemented load mitigation measures, restoring functionality for all affected customers.

6:04 PM PST

We've rolled out a fix and things should be working as expected. Please reload Slack using Command + Shift + R (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + R (Windows/Linux). Thank you for your patience while we sorted out this issue.

3:10 PM PST

Some users may be seeing signs of improvement, but we’re still working towards a full resolution. We’ll be back with another update!

2:37 PM PST

We’re starting to see improvements, but still have some work to do. We’ll return with another update shortly.

2:01 PM PST

We’re seeing signs of improvement, but we’re still monitoring the situation. We’ll confirm once the issue is fully resolved or we have another update to share.

1:39 PM PST

At this time, some people may also be encountering trouble setting or clearing their user status in Slack, as well as issues related to:

• Autocomplete in message input
• Workspace Directory
• Quick Switcher
• Channel membership and Channel status
• Apps lists in channels
• User profile details
• Integrations/API messaging

We're observing signs of recovery, and are continuing to monitor the situation. We'll be back with another update in 30 minutes.

1:05 PM PST

We’re continuing to look into this, and we’ll report back with an update in 30 minutes.

12:27 PM PST

We’re still actively investigating this issue, but we don’t have any new information to share at this time. Thanks for your patience as we continue to work towards a fix.

11:57 AM PST

Some users may be experiencing issues with using the search function in Slack.

We're currently investigating the issue and will provide a status update once we have more information.

11:28 AM PST

Services affected