Monday June 27, 2022


Trouble with sending workspace invitations

Issue Summary:
On Monday June 27, 2022, from 23:22 PM to Tuesday, June 28th, 11:00 AM PDT, some owners and admins had trouble sending user invites due to a broken button

We discovered that a recent change to how we handle invite send times had a bug that introduced fatal errors to the invitation process for some teams. We reverted the code and sending invitations should now work as usual.

3:31 PM PST

We have made a change on our end that has resolved the issue. Workspace owners and admins should now be able to send invitations with no trouble. Thank you for your patience!

10:30 AM PST

Workspace owners and admins may be experiencing issues with sending workspace invitations. We're currently investigating the issue, and we'll provide a status update once we have more information.

11:30 PM PST

Services affected