Thursday June 30, 2022


Trouble typing in Japanese or Korean

Issue summary:
On June 30, 2022 at 1:45 PM PDT, we began investigating cases of users being unable to input messages in Korean and Japanese on both Mac and Windows after receiving a small uptick in tickets from customers reporting the error. We currently believe this issue started on or around June 15, 2022.

We have since isolated the errors for both language input methods on Mac and Windows and have found workarounds for all but one scenario: if users are typing in Japanese on Mac. We are going to be working to fix this through a bug ticket that has been filed as a result of this incident. Though we have not resolved this issue yet, we will provide further updates through customer support tickets with the impacted users.

12:39 PM PST

We have found a workaround for users facing difficulty typing in Korean. For users on Mac, change the input method from 3-set to 2-set Korean input. For users on Windows, change the input method from Hancom to Microsoft input.

There might be a handful of users still seeing the same error when trying to type in Japanese on a Mac setup. Going forward, we'll continue working on this as a bug that we'll track internally. If you're still experiencing this behaviour, please reach out to us at

12:12 PM PST

We’re receiving reports around trouble with typing in Japanese or Korean. We’re on the case and will provide another update once we have more details to share. We’re sorry for the disruption.

2:15 PM PST

Services affected