Tuesday August 30, 2022


Mark as Read preferences not being respected

Issue summary:
From August 29, 2022 at 11:26 AM PDT to August 30, 2022 at 3:56 PM PDT, some customers may have experienced issues with their Mark as Read preferences, and intermittent issues loading channel history.

When you view a channel, Slack remembers your last scroll position so we can take you back to the same place. A recent feature update inadvertently bypassed the check for this scroll position, creating the impression that Slack wasn't respecting your Mark as Read preference. Additionally, this incorrectly prevented channel history from loading for some users.

We identified the root cause and rolled this code change back, resolving the issue for all affected customers.

7:40 PM PST

We've resolved the issue, and all impacted customers should have their Mark as Read preferences restored. You'll need to reload Slack (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + R) to see the fix on your end. Thanks for bearing with us and we apologize for keeping you away from your work.

2:37 PM PST

We’re still investigating this issue, but we don’t have additional information just yet. We're so sorry for the interruption! If we find out more, we’ll let you know.

1:22 PM PST

Some users are reporting their Mark as Read preferences are not being respected. Users may be able to manually update their preferences to restore them back to their expected state.
Our engineering team is currently investigating and we'll provide an update as soon as one is available. Sorry for any disruption this may cause.

8:16 AM PST

Services affected