Monday January 16, 2023


Some Android users may be experiencing issues when trying to access a workspace

Issue summary:
From January 10th 04:11 AM PST to January 16th 07:54 PM PST, some of our fellow Slack colleagues were unable to access their workspaces on Android. We're happy to share that this issue was specifically related to our internal testing app, having no impact on the Slack production app nor our Customers.

This issue has been resolved and will have no impact on our future Android app releases.

1:55 AM PST

Our team identified that this issue has not impacted the Slack production app and current Android users should not be experiencing issues accessing their workspace. We will resolve this issue internally before our next Android app release.

2:51 PM PST

We continue to investigate this issue and will share updates as soon as they're available. Thank you for your patience.

1:34 PM PST

Some Android user maybe experiencing issues accessing their workspace from the mobile app. Users may be getting an error message stating "workspace can't be found". For now they can restart their Slack app as a workaround.
We're currently investigating, and we'll share updates as we have more information. We're sorry for the disruption.

12:46 PM PST

Services affected