Friday March 3, 2023


Users are experiencing issues connecting to Slack

Issue summary:

On March 3rd, 2023 from 9:03 AM PST to 9:13 AM PST, some users had trouble logging into Slack, sending messages and completing API requests.

The cause of this issue was in relation to a planned exercise where we removed traffic from an isolated location to simulate failure of a single data center. In our investigation, we discovered that one database experienced an issue causing the exercise to fail. We were able to quickly identify the failure and apply a manual fix which resolved the issue. We determined less than 1% of our customers were affected.

11:47 AM PST

Users were having difficulty connecting to Slack resulting in a "Server Error" page. We quickly saw signs of recovery as things returned to normal. Users should no longer experience issues connecting to Slack.

10:05 AM PST

Services affected