Tuesday March 7, 2023


Slowness searching in Slack

Issue summary:
On March 7, 2023 from 9:15 AM to 6:31 PM PST, some users may have experienced slow search response times or failed searches.

We made a routine adjustment to our infrastructure that inadvertently increased load and decreased response rates for our search servers. New messages sent during this period were not indexed immediately and would not have been searchable.

We restarted the affected server nodes, returning search performance to normal and allowing the system to catch up on the backlogged indexing tasks. Once the system handled the backlog and we confirmed that indexing was complete, full search functionality was restored to all customers.

Thank you for your patience while we worked through this. We apologize for any disruption to your work.

4:40 PM PST

We’ve released a fix and all impacted features within searching are up and running once again. We appreciate your patience while we sorted this out.

6:53 PM PST

We’re looking into an issue that's causing searching in Slack to have missing results and slower response times. In the case of a search timeout, users see an error and are prompted to reload the app.

12:46 PM PST

Services affected